What is your reason for being?

Termin: 7. Dezember 9 AM pacific time (18:00 deutscher Zeit)

Komm zum Humanity’s Team’s Annual Holiday Fundraiser. – Einladung von Humanity´s Team International

Neale D. Walsch, Suzanne Giesemann, Debra Poneman und andere spezielle Gäste laden dich ein, an diesem Event teilzunehmen.

Jeder hat eine „Daseinsberechtigung“ oder einen Daseinsgrund.
Möglicherweise wissen Sie genau, was es ist, oder Sie haben nur eine vage Vorstellung. Aber wir alle haben ein „Warum“.

Es ist das, was uns antreibt.

Text in Englisch:

Everyone has a “raison d’étre” or reason for being.

You may know exactly what it is, or you may just have a vague idea. But we all have a “Why.” 

It’s the thing that drives us. 

That unshakeable foundation that you know deep in your core, even if you don’t have words to describe it.

I found my “Why” after reading Conversations with God by my friend and Co-Founder of Humanity’s Team, Neale Donald Walsch.

After reading that book, I truly understood how we are all interconnected, in fact One as part of a single Universal consciousness extending across space and time, and how what we need to do to create a happy, healthy, flourishing planet where we can all thrive, is for all of us to recognize this and live into it. 

My “Why” became so profound, so strong, that I left behind my successful, multi-million dollar career in Silicon Valley to work with Neale to co-found Humanity’s Team and make my “Why” a reality.

20 years later, we are much closer to this reality.

  • We have hundreds of thousands of people who share this “Why” and are working to make it real for themselves, their families and communities, and all of us across the globe.
  • Our email list has swelled to over 1 million people, and we send over 10 million emails, sharing our message of Oneness every week.
  • More than 3,000 people subscribe to our revolutionary transformational education platform, Humanity Stream+ to increase their understanding and expression of conscious living, and that number is growing every day.

You’re part of this community of people who believe in the interconnectedness of all beings and things. It’s why you joined our email list and why you take part in our programs, Masterclasses and live events. 

I hope it’s also why you’ll consider contributing to Humanity’s Team’s Annual Holiday Fundraiser.

Your donation goes directly to further our mission of making conscious living pervasive by the year 2040.
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If you have already donated, thank you so much. 

Please continue to help us and share this link with your friends and loved ones. Every person who contributes helps us reach our goal of $3 million and every contribution is being matched dollar for dollar up to $400,000, doubling your impact and furthering our efforts to tip the balance of people living consciously that much sooner.

And it’s why I’m giving you an exclusive invitation to our upcoming Global Gathering on December 7th at 9:00 am Pacific time/12:00 pm Eastern time.

Neale and I will be joined by noted author and medium, Suzanne Giesemann, award-winning keynote speaker and founder of “Yes to Success”, Debra Poneman, and many other luminaries and experts in our field.

The event is open to all at no cost, but I would appreciate knowing that you plan to attend in advance, so we can save your seat.

Please RSVP to my invitation here.

Whatever your personal “Why” may be, I know it intersects with mine, and with that of hundreds of thousands of others. 

Our desire to reach out and recognize each other as part of our whole is intense. It burns within each of us. And we can fan this flame together, so it burns in every person on this planet. 

I look forward to seeing you at our Global Gathering on December 7th and to welcoming you into our community of One, interconnected on the planet and across space and time, people who believe in our mission.

Thank you for everything you do.

In Oneness,
Steve Farrell
Executive Director
Humanity’s Team

P.S. Our Global Gathering will be an amazing experience, with some of our brightest and best joining us to share their wisdom and insights. I hope you’ll join us. Save your seat here.

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