Friendship Meeting in Berlin

Being still inspired by a wonderful and exciting friendship meeting in Berlin, we love to share our impressions with you all:

31 beautiful souls from Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Wales joined to celebrate friendship, unity and oneness. It is almost impossible to express in words what we really “did” there. The days were filled with meditation, sacred dance, systemic constellation work, rituals, sightseeing and above all with personal sharing. We expressed our feelings, fears and desires.

The Swedish friends shared how they feel with regard to their new situation in relation to the HT community. We also learned from Harald about his short experience as a HT country coordinator for Norway. Dalibor and Marketa from Czech Republic spoke about their challenges in setting up a local Humanity’s Team and getting all the information and resources. In their formerly communist country, people are very sensitive about their freedom of action and thought.

The most exciting event of this gathering was the angel shower that was initiated by the German HT Team. In the centre of Berlin, on the famous Alexanderplatz, we joined the German team-mates, having so much fun with Ejvind’s laughing Yoga. The German team surprised us with a very special experience of trust and joy, being launched into the air from a huge jumping sheet, held by many loving souls. The highlight of the afternoon has been the angel shower, when over 70 people co-created this blissful experience together and invited spectators from around to join in. We felt we really shifted the energy of the place and perhaps even all Berlin! The day was concluded by a joyful party with the German team-mates. For them it was a very special and uplifting experience to see and feel that they are not alone.

The energy of this event stayed with us and inspired us to create an “unconditional love tour“ next year having the angel shower  all over Europe’s cities. Whoever feels inspired can be part of this. A forum has been set up at where everybody can join to cocreate and manifest this tour. This forum fits in wonderfully to an initiative from our Swedish friends: The Humanity’s Network, a space for communication, friendship and co-creation in the spirit of New Spirituality.

We set our intention that these friendship gatherings will continue to take place and are looking forward to further co-creations of friends from all over the world. To get an impression of the energy of our meeting we invite you to have a look some photos of our gathering at: .

Being co-creators of this report, we now say “auf  Wiedersehen” to you and open the space to some of our international friends from Berlin.

Denis and Claudia Christine

* * *     

You have given me the greatest experience of unconditional love, that I have ever felt. Much, much more than I had ever dreamed of experiencing. The experience with you has changed me for ever, and I am still integrating all that new (old) wisdom, that you have taught me. Every single one of you has been my teacher, and given me more incredible insight into gods being. I cannot express my feelings in words.
Bent from Denmark

Thank you all for coming into my life. I keep my feelings of happiness that I experienced while being with you.       
Aleksandra from Poland

Lots of love „bangs“:o) for such a beautiful feeling to be so close to you…. without knowing where our bodies start and end…. when we looked each other in our eyes I want to get lost in them forever… with knowing that is home….  and many thanks for bringing delight to your own homes too!
Marketa from Czech Republic

I am so grateful to you people! My whole being feels like it is enjoying an afterparty, the good vibrations keep rolling on and rolling on. And I feel so inspired. From now on, You-All will be a part of my life. (that you were already, but now I truly understand it:)
Maurice from Sweden

I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for these days!! I never expected this experience to be SO GOOD!! And the meditations and “energy fluctuations” that we did really made me feel like I am still flying, and being “lighter”….amazing.
Harald from Norway

This was a really special birthday for me thanks to you all and I felt it was the best celebration I could have wished for through dancing, hugging and co-creating a wonderful day. It was also an emotional roller coaster as I experienced fun, laughter, sadness, anger, frustration, love, joy to name but a few. That’s what I call living. I feel fully alive when I’m in touch with my emotions and in the group I felt so connected to everybody that when one person had a strong feeling I felt it too. WoW!
David from England

Thank you so much for these amazing days, for the yoga, the friendship, the dancing, for … everything! And now for the photos and letters you sent! I am so glad that I did this trip! I hope you know that.
Lisa from Sweden

I feel so much love for all of you guys! My heart is full of you, joy and dedication. Thanks to you I want to be active in HT again in some way. I want to follow my truth and stand for it no matter what! YES!!! Let’s conquer all obstacles that are in our way and get a loving, democratic and joyful world!!!!
Malin from Sweden

I am so inspired and I have a drop of essence I would like to share with you. I experienced there was a critical point during our last day, when some of you talked about the illusions inside HT, the illusion of “being abandoned”, the illusion of “power over”, the illusion of “significance”, the illusion of “control”…  
I would like to inspire all of us to look deeper into everything inside HT and HT WW. What does not function, why does it not work, how can we change it. Do we really dare to look at everything? … So I’m stretching out a hand to all of you. Let’s put all the cards on the table! Let’s look deeper and beyond.
Jannie from Sweden

I am slowly awakening from a dream.

I send lots of Loving thoughts to all my friends who joined with me at the friendship gathering in Berlin.  It was an honour and a pleasure to meet you all and to experience the flow of love.  Each one of you are very unique, and thank you for the Hugs, Dance and Talks we had, and all the other ways we came together over the gathering.
George from Wales

I am slowly awakening from a dream. I dreamt I was in Berlin gathering for a few days with some of the most loving persons I have ever met. My dream was so real that I could feel and experience the love and the oneness. It was so wonderful!
This morning when I was cleaning my desk I found a flightticket. It said “Stavanger-Berlin-Stavanger May 25th-May 29th”. It all started to come back to me and I realised that it hadn’t been a dream. It was real. All my experiences had been real. The people I had met were real. Human beings like myself, sharing love, fun and laughter. Human beings showing who they really were – love. I will always carry this “dream” in my heart. I will remind me to always look for love in the people I meet in my life.
Ron from Norway